2 steps forward, one step back

Frustration sets in as we find out that our RV needs a new roof!  This was quite unexpected, and did I mention EXPENSIVE?  The inside of the RV is looking really nice.  Now if we can just get the roof done, the Dish network installed, the towing set up on the new car, and the house cleaned out and ready for new renters…No problem, right?

Instead, I leave you with a photo that I hope makes you happy.IMG_1293

7 thoughts on “2 steps forward, one step back”

  1. Oh no about the roof! I’m sooooo excited you started a blog! Can’t wait to hear all about this adventure!! Safe travels 🙂


  2. Oh I love it! Not the new roof, I don’t love the new roof but better to find out now. I do love that you are blogging. Love that you are having adventures. I guess your move to Colorado was the prequel (little did you know).
    Trusting the Universe goes against most of our up bringing, which is about planning our lives down to the smallest detail. It is quite refreshing to live in the moment.
    Breathe deeply and enjoy the ride!


  3. Oh no my friends…a new roof? Better to know now, then for something happen during your travels.
    Annette, I am so glad you decided to write this blog as you and Terry start this adventure. I love It! Keep the pictures and blogs coming! I will be thinking of you, and wishing the two of you safe and fun travels, with new discoveries along the way.
    Much love and admiration,


  4. So excited for you and Terry! I can’t wait to read about your adventures and see your amazing photos!
    From a fellow camper😍


  5. What a great way to continue your lives together! Safe travels and enjoy! Will be looking forward to seeing new places throughout your journey 👏🌅😍

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