Hiking Bangs Canyon

Lindsey, her neighbor Pat and myself met at 7 am to drive near Grand Junction so we could hike the Mica Mines trail of Bangs Canyon. The air was perfectly cool and refreshing as we started this easy 3 mile hike.

Rock formations glowed in the morning light. We saw a bluebird, but that was it as far as wildlife sightings.
As we approached the mine, speckles of shiny mica were everywhere. It was like diamonds were covering the trail .

I climbed up some rocks to explore a small cave. Climbing up was easier than coming down.

After the hike, we headed for the Palisade farmers market. I bought some cold press coffee and a bottle of lavender essential oil. Lavender farms are everywhere here on the Western Slope.

Terry and I are making plans for our next move. We will stay here for the eclipse, but I think tomorrow we head out. I'm grateful for our time here, and I'm grateful for air conditioning in our RV. It's seriously HOT here in the afternoon.🔥

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