Another bump in the road

Our toad is broken. When we left Camping World in Longmont the toad was all hooked up and ready to go. We didn't even think of unhooking and driving it because the reason we were at Camping World was to have the towing mechanism installed. So here we are in Palisade, and we unhook so we can use the car. No radio, wires hanging under the dashboard, and no brakes. Yes, that's right. NO brakes. Well, you have to stomp on them to get the car to stop. So, the toad is at Nissan in Grand Junction and we are here in Palisade waiting for the repair to be done. Ugh Camping World I do not ever want to deal with you again.
Instead of sitting around and complaining, Terry and I went on a bike ride. It's cooler and breezy today.

We are so grateful to our friends here for putting up with us and our transportation issues.

Matt and Lindsey are the best! 💕

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