Early morning hiking

Morning may be my favorite time of day. I actually got a good night's sleep for a change. Terry and I decided to start our hike early because of the heat. But first we were able to wish our grandson Ian a happy 11th birthday! FaceTime is a game changer! Here he is with his cousins and friends.

Our hike started at the River Walk trail. Views of the Green River and Split Mountain were the highlights of the trail.

We continued walking as we came to the Desert Voices trail. By this time, things were warming up. 🔥

Lots of sunscreen, plenty of water, and a Palisade peach helped make this an enjoyable hike. And, of course my sexy hiking partner too.

The way back seemed long, but I still had to climb to the top.

Time to cool off in the river!

Not done yet; we went to the Quarry museum to see real dinosaur fossils and bones.

And he serenades me💕 Good night!

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