Time to move along

Terry and I have decided that we should pack up and move along early tomorrow morning. We have spent 3 days here in Dinosaur National Monument without water or electricity hookups. For me, it's better to do rustic camping followed by glamping. Besides, it's insanely hot here during the day.

I'm loving my goal of running in each place we stay. Today was 3 miles. Too hot for any more.

Not many trees at this campsite. 🔥🔥😳

I'm holding a bottle of Richardo's decaf coffee liquor. Our friend Rick Englund from Lyons Colorado makes it. If you happen to see it in your area, don't pass it up! It's great straight up for an after dinner treat. Or drizzle it over sea salt and caramel ice cream. Rick gave Terry and I a bottle to take with on our adventure. So I'm telling my peeps about this liquid deliciousness!

I love the rugged beauty of this place. Tomorrow we are headed to Idaho. Besides, beer is too hard to buy here in Utah. 😦

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