Old Works Golf Course

Today started out with taking advantage of wifi; checking and responding to emails, etc. After that, I took a bike ride into the town of Anaconda. This town was famous for its copper smelting that started in the early 1900’s and continued until the late 1980’s. I enjoyed looking at the architecture of the homes and buildings.

The best part of the day was spent playing golf at Old Works course here in Anaconda. Jack Nicklaus designed it, and it was a real treat for us. I took a few pictures:

Notice the smoke in the atmosphere. 😔

The sunset is like a bright orange ball dropping below the horizon.

Tomorrow we move on. I’m actually hoping for rain. Montana is burning in so many places. It’s very sad.

1 thought on “Old Works Golf Course”

  1. Be careful with your breathing! That smoke is no good for your lungs! Maybe you’ll do Glacier after winter and things have gotten better out there. I’m so sad for Montana cuz it’s one of my very favorite states!


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