St. Regis Montana

27 holes of golf. Lovely weather. The smoke blew out of here and left us with Big Sky Country! And boy do I mean country.

The dude at the golf course told us that our best chance of catching the Bears game was to go to The Dog House Saloon. So away we went, hoping to celebrate ME beating Terry at golf. (Yes, I got a stroke a hole, and 2 on the par fives, but hey). So when we pulled up, we met a group of guys on a fishing trip. They had been waiting for the bartender to show up. Apparently the doors were unlocked and the safe was wide open with no money in it. The guys had called the police because it looked like it could have been a robbery. 20 minutes passed, no police showed. We left, but Terry returned later in his bike. The bartender said ooops I forgot to lock up last night. No biggie.

That’s country for ya!

Golf was fun.

But we sure as hell didn’t expect to have a tire blow out on the interstate. WTH!! We had just left the campground and were about 3 miles out of town (meaning no cell phone service). There was a huge noise and luckily we were in a place where we could safely pull over.

The tire blew and ripped open the storage compartment!

Here is PeeWee waiting for help.

This kind of adventure I did not want.

Oh by the way, the cruise control and the AC are on the fritz. 😣

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