Terry’s Turn

Here we are, six weeks into this amazing journey.  This (Banff, Alberta, CA) is as far north and cold and snowy as we want to get.  I’m afraid of frozen pipes.  You wouldn’t believe how much you rely on water, both fresh and waste, when your home is on wheels.  I made the mistake of storing our last RV for the winter without thorough winterization, and had to pay for repairs in the spring.  We can’t afford that to happen now, so we’re heading to the Pacific coast.  We plan to visit my niece (Melissa) and cousin (Sara) in Washington as we work our way over there and head south.

Annette and I are having a great time with plenty of new experiences and adjustments.  I hadn’t been without a job since July 16, 1973, so that’s one big change.  The whole idea of walking away from a very comfortable and predictable lifestyle is another.  While we’re pretty comfortable for the most part, it’s a different kind of comfort.  Predictable – not at all.  I always wondered what would replace the responsibilities that I had carried while raising a family and holding down sales jobs  – with the quotas and travel that came with them – and I guess this is it, for now.  “For now” – that’s been one of our favorite phrases during the planning and execution of this adventure, because everything seems to be “for now”.

Some of my favorite times have been on the golf course with Annette.  We’ve figured out a handicapping system that has kept the games competitive, and, let me tell you, she is competitive.   We’ve both played very well at times and seem to come down to the last hole with the game on the line every time.   Another reason to head to the coast, although we had hoped to play in the Banff and Lake Louise area.

Time to celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary with dinner in Banff and a relaxing evening in a HOTEL.  That’s all “for now”.

Annette is driving the Toad behind PeeWee. I hope she had both hands on the wheel when she took the photo.

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