Kettle Falls, Washington

What a gorgeous area! Eastern Washington is heavily forested, with rolling hills and mountains. Our campsite is right by the Columbia river. It’s called the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area. They dammed part of the river to create Lake Roosevelt. The locals say it ruined the salmon fishing this far upstream.

Terry was able to listen to a Cubs Win! So he went from:


All joking aside, we are loving each other and the adventure of life on the road. Golf is something we enjoy playing together. In order to make the game fair (because I’m not a great golfer) we play Match play. We played a local course called Old Dominion Meadows, and I won!

Ending a beautiful day by the campfire makes for sweet dreams.

We leave this place today, and are making our way toward Seattle.

I hope you enjoy this travel diary, and I love hearing from you. It can be a bit lonely out here…

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