Cutthroat Lake

Terry bought a Washington fishing license and was intent on using it. I wanted to do some “forest bathing.” So we jumped in the Toad and headed to the east side of the Cascade mountain range. Having the Toad has been super convenient for short trips. Hiking opportunities are well marked from the road, so we turned in at Cutthroat Lake. 4 miles of gorgeousness.

The fall colors here are magical! The east side of this mountain range is much drier than the west side.

The hike through dense forest leads you to a pristine alpine lake. With fish in it.

Terry brought his fly fishing stuff, but by the time we arrived at the lake, the sun was getting lower in the sky. I was not liking the possibility of a spooky walk back with flashlights. So Terry put the fly in the water and BAM!

Ok, so it’s not dinner, but it’s something. 😉

We made it back before dark. Way before dark.

In my reading today, I saw this and wanted to share it. “In wilderness, people can sense being a part of the whole community of life on Earth. Preserving wilderness shows restraint and humility toward the land, which ultimately feeds, clothes, and houses all.”

I leave you with this to ponder.

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