Questions and answers

Some people have questions for me about WHY I decided to leave my beloved Colorado and 2400 square feet of living space.

Answer: because it was the right time in my life to scratch the adventurous itch. I enjoy reading travel blogs and learning about new places. So why not go for it?

Question: HOW do you live respectfully and amicably with another person in less than 400 square feet?

NO, the answer is not alcohol. 🍷

I’m honest here. It’s not always easy. Terry has a wonderful, outgoing personality. He loves to talk to people and make friends. He plays music frequently and prefers it loud. The poor man is stuck with me. I require personal space. My main objective each day is where can I hike and what’s for dinner. Things like a broken hairdryer can really set me off.

So, here is the answer. If I need alone time, I take my Mizunos and take a run in the great outdoors.

If I can get cell phone service, I call my support system. You know who you are. 😉❤️

It is after I get an attitude adjustment that I remember I live with a man that loves me for me. He thinks I’m all that and a bag o’chips. Regardless of my rough physical condition (camping hair) and eccentric mental state 😬 he is here loving me every day. And he is super good looking!

So there you have it. It’s not perfect, but in my eyes, close to it.

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