Terry gets another turn

Big changes, over the last couple days.  The trip through the Cascades was beautiful, highlighted by the trip over Washington Pass – the apparent dividing line between desert and rainforest in Washington state.  We had to deal with a lot of rain for the first time since we started this adventure.  The other change is that we are in a house on Whidbey Island with our niece, Melissa.  We have had a lot to talk about and we’re comparing notes on our “alternative” lifestyles.  She has been travelling extensively for the past year and moved out of her house, too.  She is house and dog-sitting in a cool place on Useless Bay in the Puget Sound, so we are enjoying comforts we’ve been missing.  It’s the first time we’ve been out of the Rockies and now we’re on the water.

Annette and I are getting along very well.  On travelling days, I drive and she navigates.  She has no plans to drive the RV and, frankly, I can’t blame her.  After several hours steering the bus through winding, mountainous roads (we haven’t been on an Interstate in weeks) I’m ready for a beer and bike ride.  We accommodate each other’s desires for activities well and give space when needed.  The lack of external stimulus (other people, work, TV, etc.) makes conversation a bit challenging, sometimes.  We have always shared our work and day-to-day experiences but now, since we experience them together, that avenue of communication is limited.   I’ve become comfortable with the occasional silence.  I think it’s made possible by our love and easy relationship.  It helps to know when to shut-up.  I know we each miss our friends; I hope y’all will be there when we get done.  Better yet, let us know where we can pick you up and you can see what travelling with PeeWee and the Toad is all about.

I’m not sure if the ideas (fantasies?) that drove us to embark on our trip have totally materialized, but a lot surely have.  I know Annette would have liked to have hiked more mountain trails, but weather sometimes intervenes.  I had thought I would play the guitar more and practice the things that could make me better, but there is still time.  Annette wants, and deserves, to pamper herself and I’m going to have to figure out ways to watch the Cubs in the playoffs – or go crazy.  We have visited great, sometimes unexpected, locations and we’re grateful for these opportunities and we’ll remember them forever.   And, we know there are more to come as we move from mountains and desert to the Pacific coast.

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