As far west as we can go…

We endured a couple of days of rain leaving Washington and coming into Oregon. Also, the windshield wipers on PeeWee decided to malfunction as we were driving in a rainstorm. Good times. Anyway, as soon as we got out of Eugene, Oregon the sun appeared. It’s been fabulously sunny for 3 days now, which I hear is a big deal for this part of our country. We stayed at an RV park in Heceta Beach with electric and water. Life is easier that way. 👌

I really enjoyed my morning run on the beach.

It’s chilly; like high of 63 but the sun is wonderful.

Terry and I enjoyed the beach during the day. I can spend hours at a beach, Terry not so much.

Lots of people and dog watching. And the sound of the waves!

That evening, we watched the Cubs game in a local bar. Terry got in trouble for being too loud. The bartender said he was making people deaf. He was not happy, but since we are not locals, he piped down. Honestly, he wasn’t that loud at all!

Yesterday we went on a long bike ride, complete with hills. It was a great day for a ride!

There is a section of town in Florence called Old Town. It’s right on the Siuslaw River.

The oysters and crab cakes really hit the spot!!

Tomorrow we are headed south, down highway 101. I’m looking forward to seeing more ocean views and eating more seafood.

I miss my family and friends very much. Sometimes I feel like I just want to go back to Colorado. But then I realize that this is an adventure, and I’m living my dream, and all that comes with it.

Stay tuned…

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