Gold Beach Oregon

The forecast was for rain. Lots of it. And it poured yesterday and last night. But today the sun made an appearance and we took advantage! I’ve never seen such rugged coastline beauty!

Driving with PeeWee down Hwy 101 in the wind and driving rain was NOT my idea of fun. We were grateful to pull into our campsite. Full hookups. Cable TV. Laundry. And a bar with a restaurant!! WooHoo!

Awesome food. Huckleberry Gin Martini? Hell yes!

Unfortunately, we witnessed our Cubs lose big time. 😞

Listening to pouring rain on the roof (new, remember?) is such a wonderful way to fall asleep. And waking to sunshine is a perk in these parts. Our morning walk included this:

And the afternoon hike was even more spectacular!

Wait there is more!

Even though I thought I would kick Terry in the grocery store today, I still love him.

Pass it on💕

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