Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

There are different types of camping. Having a large motorhome limits the options, but it also has advantages. Terry and I like to go from a place that has water and electric at the campsite to dry camping. With dry camping, we have water in the RV, and if we really want electricity, we use the generator. So that means lots of conservation . (But we did use the generator to watch The Cubs).

So Eel Creek campground, our latest stop, is a dry camping experience. It’s located in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area on the Pacific Ocean. The campsites are spacious, clean, and surrounded by huge pines and Myrtlewood trees.

It wasn’t raining when we arrived, so we quickly set up camp. There was a trail leading out of the campsite that we had heard about, so off we went. The first part of the trail was very narrow with trees and shrubs on both sides. The path opened up and we walked out into beautiful, expansive sand dunes!

It was so beautiful!! The sun was shining and temperatures were around 60. It’s a good thing there was a cool breeze, because climbing sand dunes makes for an excellent workout!

The hike to the shoreline was not very well marked. Eventually, we found a few trail markers and continued on. Terry and his trusty compass were readjusting the way as we ambled along.

We walked through a very thick, but brief expanse of forest right before we reached the shoreline. Then, BAM! The mighty Pacific!

What a sight!

This area is the largest expanse of sand dunes in North America. There are over 40 miles of dunes along this coast. The hike was great fun; about 5 miles total.

Seeing Mother Nature in all of her glory makes me feel fortunate to have this opportunity. There is also a feeling of insignificance standing beside the ocean. We are just a tiny part of a much bigger plan.

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