Lassen National Park

This was an epic experience. This park is in a remote area of Northern California, but it’s worth the effort to get there. Although we did not actually camp there, we made a day trip to climb Lassen Peak. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if Terry was going to go for this. But I was dead wrong! He was badass!!

The ride through the park to get to the trailhead was beautiful. Lassen is a volcanic area, and Lassen Peak erupted in 1914. There is an entire area they call “the devastated area” because it’s just that. It’s an eerie sight. The peak itself is intimidating.

The trail is one way up and back. We took off with high hopes of making the summit, but we both agreed to take it slow and if it didn’t work, it’s still great.

The wind was chilly, but oh that beautiful sun! The elevation gain right from the start warmed us up.

The views were incredible. The trail was well maintained and did I mention ELEVATION?? Yikes!!

Terry was a great hiking partner today! All I can say is his mojo was definitely working!

So the view toward the summit was daunting. No stopping now!

Yes!!!! Now time for a sandwich. Of course I had been thinking about it since the beginning.

2 happy oldsters. Now to get down the mountain.

Great day! Relaxation and Advil is next. Thanks for following us as we find our way …

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