Rustic and Remote

Ok, this is awesome!! Nobody around for miles!! Campsite with fire ring, level surface, and it’s FREE.

We are at Cowboy Camp, near Rumsey, California. It’s all gold and mountainous. This is the kind of place where you can really relax. Because there is basically nothing to do.

We went on a hike, of course. The entire loop is 9.4 miles, but we said Oh Hell No to that. What we walked was lovely.

We are dry camping, so once again lots of conservation and quick showers. If I even bother…

I thought it best to show you a picture of a wildflower instead of me. I’m looking a little rough around the edges these days.

Anyway, Terry and I are doing well. We eat healthy food and read a lot. Stephanie and Jack are coming to see us next week!! I’m sooooo excited!! We need a little action in our routine. 😉

From Terry:

We’re primitive camping now. The balance between having electric and water and primitive is important from a budget perspective. It’s been tough to keep to the $600 per month in campground fees- and we’re never in the lap of luxury. Not to complain-sunset is coming.

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