Lake Solano

This quiet campground is near the quaint town of Winters, California. The days have been sunny and around 60 degrees. Nights are chilly and 40ish. This area is very agricultural, with acres of orchards and vegetable crops. I️ really enjoy seeing where my food is grown!

The strangest thing I️ have seen so far is that this campground is home to at least 50 peacocks! I️ thought they would be skittish, but they are anything but! This show-off came right up to my chair!Today was a “normal” day. Morning run (I’m not as routine about this😬) and laundry in town.

I️ love the view from the bridge over Putah Creek (yes, I️ know). When John Fogerty of CCR wrote the song “Green River,” this is the place he was referring to.

Daylight savings time is really weird with this lifestyle. If we are in a campground with a fire ban, we can’t just sit outside in the dark. And it’s dark at 6pm! So we play a lot of card games, Yahtzee, and Scrabble. I️ usually lose. And then we have DVD’s. Get Shorty is Terry’s favorite. I’m a little tired of that one…😉

So it’s not always climbing mountains and hiking through rain forests. What it is to me is a chance to learn about new places, meet new people, and reconnect and rediscover what is truly special in my life. It’s not always in my comfort zone, but I’m ok with that.

2 thoughts on “Lake Solano”

  1. I am very proud of you, Annette. It can be hard to purposely get out of our comfort zones, but I truly believe that is where growth happens!
    Do you guys play cribbage? I love cribbage. And lots of other games. Mike is good but I surprise him and win sometimes.
    I’m getting ready for the Guild sale. We set up on Wednesday.


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