Napa, California

There is something enchanting about Napa. The land is alive with vineyards and orchards, so much that it has its own special energy.

The weather was overcast and kind of rainy while we were here, but it did not stop us from having fun.

These pictures were taken from my morning run. I️ had forgotten how much I️ dislike running hills. And oh, there are hills here.

The town of Napa is nice. Lots of high end stores, breweries and wine tasting rooms.

Also, specialty chocolates💕but they spelled my name wrong.

There was a film festival, but we didn’t see any celebrities. Not that we would have recognized any of them!

If I️ ever come back here, I️ want to ride this train.

Imagine riding an old time train, sitting with a glass of wine and looking out the window at vineyards as far as your eyes can see. Bonus: someone else is driving. 🍷👍

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