Half Moon Bay, CA

Finally! Stephanie and Jack arrived Thursday evening! I’m so happy to be with them, even if we are sharing 400 square feet. Luckily the weather was good, so we spent most of the time outside.

The campsite was quite small, but we were close to the beach. The waves were huge!

Oh and I neglected to mention that Terry drove PeeWee and the Toad across the Golden Gate Bridge! It was such a wonderful experience (for me). 😉


Terry and I had not been in a city since August. Visiting San Francisco and staying in a hotel was fabulous!! On Saturday, Jack and Terry played golf, and I got to spend the day with my girl!❤️

On Sunday, the 4 of us went to Haight-Ashbury . The architecture of SF is beautiful!

Haight-Ashbury is still a lively, funky area. There are lots of hippie type shops that cater to tourists looking for Jerry Garcia’s house. I’m one of them. Here is a photo of me standing in front of the house Jerry lived in sometime during the Summer of Love.

The best part of the day was seeing San Francisco from Twin Peaks. The views were amazing! Lots of tourists speaking lots of languages.

I busted out the selfie stick. Why didn’t I invent that?

How lucky were we to have sunshine and 70 degrees!

I’m still in love with my man Terry. Maybe even more now than ever. We depend on each other, but we maintain our own interests. We have deep, meaningful conversations. And we both agree that we are blessed to have a wonderful family and dear friends.

BTW; we bought tickets to Chicago for the holidays. 12/13-1/06.

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