Monterey CA

How can you stay on the Monterey Peninsula on a shoestring? Camp at Veterans Park, right in Monterey. How can you play golf with an ocean view and not pay 400$ a round? Play Pacific Grove Municipal Course. Ok, so it’s not Pebble Beach, but my game is ok with that.

We had a great time, and the back nine had some sweet views.

The sunsets here are lovely! But so early!

Today was really fun. My morning run was quite challenging. I took off on a trail and ended up climbing UP! I needed a good butt-kickin’ anyway.

Highway 1 runs along the California coast. The drive from Monterey to Big Sur is about 26 miles, so we set out in the Toad. Mountains, sea cliffs, and endless blue ocean views! I will never forget this experience.

Big Sur is not an actual town. It is really an area. So basically from Carmel down the coast is called Big Sur.

We stopped at Monastery Beach for a romantic walk. ❤️

We explored the town of Carmel by the Sea. It’s a lovely place with “beach cottages” that are probably out of my budget. 😳

Last stop, Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey. It’s a lively place that bustles with tourists and locals. Restaurants tempt you with samples of their seafood chowder.

How could I resist seafood chowder with NO BACON!! Yay!!

So now we are back with PeeWee. It was an especially beautiful day, and I’m feeling grateful to have had this quintessential California experience. ☀️

3 thoughts on “Monterey CA”

  1. Great photos, Annette! I love that area. Last time I was in Carmel. My girlfriend and I had champagne and watched the sunset. Then set off to find dinner, the streets were empty and we were quite lit all of a sudden a mysterious figure came toward us……it was Clint Eastwood! We were floored bit managed to exchange pleasantries. What was so hilarious is the place where we bought the champagne was owned by a really nice guy who told us “You won’t see Clint Eastwood. ” We had never thought of him and then….well now you know the rest of the story. 😊


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