Pismo Beach, CA

California is a a huge state with diverse ecosystems. I’ve seen Redwood forests, volcanoes, deserts, rugged coastlines, sandy beaches and more. It is an incredible place. And I have enjoyed every place we have visited. However, arriving in Pismo Beach really put me in a “California State of Mind.”

You already know from my previous posts that I’m a sunshine girl. I just feel better when I’ve got sunshine on my shoulders. Well, we have plenty of that here. ☀️

Our plan was to stay at North Beach campground. I had tried to make a reservation, but the California website for making reservations was not cooperative. At all. In fact, I wanted to throw my phone out the window over this. So instead of being foolish, I foolishly suggested we just drive to the campground and try a first come first served spot. It has worked in the past. Not this time. I forgot it is a holiday week. 🍗

Plan B. Holiday RV park. Jammed with BIG rigs. Yes, bigger than PeeWee.

Not the outdoor camping experience we prefer, but at least it’s not Walmart.

No fires at night, but the beach is a short walk from here. The smell of the ocean and sound of the waves is always soothing. And the sunset!!

There is a Monarch butterfly sanctuary near the beach. It was packed with butterflies and tourists.

I’m remembering our family thanksgivings in Palatine. What wonderful celebrations we had! Lots of family and friends coming together to give thanks and start the holiday season together! Those were memorable times. Our plans for this Thanksgiving include spending time with 2 extended family members and meeting new people, too. I would be remiss to mention that I’m homesick and lonely. Still, I’m full of gratitude for this beautiful day.

Peace and love to all of you💕

3 thoughts on “Pismo Beach, CA”

  1. I’m a sunshine girl myself but not a heat girl. Sunshine and 50-79 is just perfect for me. LOL I was wondering where you were going to spend Thanksgiving. You both are great at meeting new people. Your Colorado peeps would all agree. We miss you both.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Terry and Annette! I love keeping up with you via this blog😎 I was just remembering the first time I met Terry over Thanksgiving break 1974! Janet introduced me to O’Shaughnessy’s…..and her brothers and their friends!!! Terry, you look exactly the same😉 Many blessings to you guys and happy trails. Love Anne

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