Camarillo CA

Thanksgiving was spent with extended family in California. The weather has been sunny and in the 80’s. Very unusual for a couple of midwesterners.

I don’t mind doing dishes with this view!

The tables were set with loving care as the food was being prepared by expert cooks.

The food was fantastic! We enjoyed being with a new group of people. Everyone was interested in our rideandseek adventure, and we were happy to share our experiences. Did I mention blueberry, pumpkin, apple pies, lemon tart, cheesecake, and apple dumplings? Breakfast of champions for the day after, too.

Terry and I are thankful for so many things; but today especially we thank our host, Mary Taylor and her brother (our brother in law) Ed Rapp. It was a lovely celebration!

On Friday we decided that some exercise would be a good idea, so we went to Ventura Pier to do some walking. Oh, fish tacos and beer was involved, as well.

And the flowers…I can’t get enough of the beauty!

And fruit right on the trees!

And a farmers’ market with local grown produce. Complete with a tamale stand👍.<<
We ended our day with a glass of wine and a magnificent sunset.

I’m thankful for all of my family, friends, and my ability to reach out and share my experiences with you.

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