Channel Islands National Park, CA

Our son Michael suggested we check this place out. I’m soooo glad we did! Getting there is fun, too. I made reservations on a boat that takes passengers to Santa Cruz Island, the largest of all the Channel Islands. The boat ride takes about 45 minutes.

Our brother in law Ed Rapp and his son, who is our nephew, joined us. The captain of the boat was really cool. He stopped occasionally to point out wildlife on the open sea.

I learned that seals do not have ear flaps, and sea lions do. Sea lions are generally more noisy!

Once arriving at the Santa Cruz island, we helped Ed off the boat and prepared for our hike.

Ed has a great outlook on life. He says that he may not be able to do all the things he wants to do, but he is going to do all of the things he can do. Amen, brother!

So Ed stayed back and explored part of the park, while Phil, Terry and I took off for Potato Harbor. The hike is a moderate 5 mile walk with some elevation. Wait for killer views!

We followed the trail, which climbed quickly to the very edge of the cliff. The weather was pretty cloudy, but the views were breathtaking!

The Channel Islands are home to 145 species of plants and animals that are found nowhere else on earth. Many species adapted over time to the isolated environment. The Channel Island fox is one of them.

The hike brought us to Potato Harbor, which is basically potato shaped. The cliffs are quite steep. Many of the trails were closed to protect nesting seabirds.

The three of us enjoyed a snack, and then I embarrassed the men and busted out the selfie stick.

All in good fun, of course. Hiking back was great, too. The island is very quiet and remote. Nobody inhabits Santa Cruz, but there are campers, day visitors, and conservationists who come to appreciate and learn about this special place.

The trip got even better when we spotted 2 Humpback whales!

Ok, I know it’s hard to see, but it was a great moment!

Anyway, here we are on the way back to Ventura Pier.

I drove these rowdy sailors back home and made dinner for the group. Thank God for me!! 😂

If you ever have an opportunity to visit Channel Islands National Park, don’t miss out. It’s a wonderful experience!

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