Mission Bay San Diego CA by Annette

Beautiful, sunny San Diego! Our campsite is in an RV park with full hookups, so I can get laundry done. I’m sure not a fan of sharing my laundry facilities, but that’s how it goes. The campground is right on Mission Bay. Wonderful!

Our RV park has decorations, too!

And live poinsettia trees!

Our visit to Coronado Island was fun. It’s so crazy to see all of the holiday decorations when it’s warm and sunny.

The hotel Coronado was opened in 1888. It is a magnificent, elegant place right on the beach.

The homes on the island are lovely, too.

Our next stop was the military area of Harbor Island. Can you even imagine being on an aircraft carrier with 5,000 other people? Just being around the military presence gave me a feeling of gratitude for the men and women that are willing to serve.

Our last exploration of Mission Bay was by bicycle. We took off to Pacific Beach and ride along the boardwalk. Such a cool place!! I could have stayed there much longer.

There is a Christmas tree at the end of the pier!

And the surfers entertain us with their aquatic skills!

San Diego is a beautiful city. I’m so happy we made it one of our destinations. We will fly out of SD on December 13 to come to Sweet Home Chicago. ❤️ Stay tuned for Terry’s post.

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