Carlsbad State Beach, CA

Right on the beach. All I have to do is walk about 7 minutes and I’m toes in the sand.

This place has so much to offer; running and biking paths, clean facilities, and endless beaches.

When we wake up in the morning, we are greeted by this view:

One “unfortunate” thing was that our kitchen faucet broke. I immediately thought YES, upgrade!

Nice work, Terry!!! Now let’s go to the beach!

He’s so cute, even with those trunks. Lol!!

We went on a wonderful drive to La Jolla to meet Meredith and her fiancé Dean for dinner. La Jolla is a beautiful town right on the coast. Looks like they are ready for Christmas, too!

We walked around before dinner and saw local wildlife.

Right now, I’m preparing for our trip back to Chicago. I’ll try to bring some sunshine back with us. All I know is that I’m so very excited to see my family and friends in the Windy City. I’m grateful for my apartment that is waiting for us to decorate for the holidays. Stay tuned as our adventure takes us back to Sweet Home Chicago!

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