San Diego; by Terry

Here we are at the half-way point of our adventure – San Diego.  Looking at the views from our campsite at Mission Bay, I am reminded of my first exposure to business travel 36 years ago.  It was one of the things that really changed my life.  I had always hoped I would return for an extended stay “for fun” and travel in the RV has made that possible.  We’ll be here for 10 days before the flight to Chicago for Annette’s birthday and Christmas.  The weather is perfect and it’s a beautiful place.

A big weight was lifted from my shoulders on Monday when we worked out the logistics of getting needed repairs on PeeWee and, at the same time, arranged storage while in Chicago.  Whew!  When we resume our trip it’ll be January and we’ll be in San Diego heading east and further south.  Gotta love it when a plan looks like it will work.

We’ve been in California since about Oct. 20 and we’ve successfully chased the weather for the past six weeks.  It’s been great alternating between inland campgrounds and coastal sites.  Annette does a terrific job of planning the itinerary, finding great places to stay and navigating us from point to point.  I just drive.

At this half-way point, we think it’s time to look back on the four months since we left the security and comfort of our beloved home on Spinnaker Drive in Longmont.  We tried to come up with categories that are important to us and interesting to you.  It’s been quite an experience, most of it very good. Stay tuned…

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