Happy New Year 2018

Chicago can be cruel. The cold settled down on our city and tried to stop its heart. But Chicago is all heart. Even in frigid temperatures. Spending quality time with friends and family was the intention of the visit, anyway. Mission accomplished!

San Diego’s weather is perfect this time of year. Especially after the Chiberia experience. So in order to ring in the new year, I registered for a 5K.

It felt really good to be running again. It doesn’t matter to me how far or how fast. I just want to be in the moment. Sweating on purpose, heart pumping and feeling ALIVE!

So Terry and I are with PeeWee and the Toad, headed for El Centro California. We’ll spend 2 days there, preparing for our trip to San Felipe Mexico. I’m excited for 2018 to get underway. We are both feeling healthy and very happy. Thank you for all the love and concern while Terry got his tune up. He’s back in the saddle, and glad to be there. Sending much love and warm vibes your way; you are the reason I keep this journal. Peace out.✌🏿

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