Valle de los Gigantes

This place is so desolate, yet it has a stark beauty like nothing I’ve ever seen. Valle de los Gigantes (Valley of the Giants) is just south of San Felipe at Rancho Punto Estrella.

These saguaro cactus plants, also known as the Mexican Giant Cardon, can grow to be 30 meters high and live to more than 2,000 years!

The seed is the size of a poppy seed, and after the first year, the plant will only measure 6 millimeters.

Aren’t they magnificent? It was a perfect day to visit this impressive valley. The temperature was around 65 degrees. Terry and I walked around and saw the trees up close. But not too close. Watch out for the spines!

Don’t expect to drive anywhere in Baja California without potholes and rough driving. But The Toad behaved like a Jeep and took us through the park and back to San Felipe.

The gentleman at the entrance/exit was hilarious! He kept saying, “land of the Lincoln!” That was his reaction to our license plates. Mexicans are a warm and welcoming people, even to a gringa like me.😉

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