BY: Terry

We’re back to exploring new places after our wintertime respite on the Sea of Cortez.  The landscapes here in southern Arizona are desolate and beautiful.  We decided to get out into the desert on our bicycles to see if we could find gila monsters and scorpions.  We chose a gravel and sand road used by ATVs and took off on mountain bikes.  I really enjoyed it and was feeling very fortunate to be in great health and adventurous enough to get some strenuous exercise while getting a close look at our surroundings.  There were spots – some too rocky, some too steep and sandy – where we had to dismount and walk the bikes.  We covered over nine miles in that terrain.  Heading back the the campground was pretty-much downhill.  I guess I got a little carried away.  That’s how I ended up on the side of the trail in a bush, unharmed.  I was in front of Annette moving along pretty good when I saw a gully in a sandy area ahead.  I figured I could jump it on the bike (a line from a Little Feat song “when your mind makes a promise that your body can’t … ” comes to mind) and keep clipping along.  Well, I jumped it, but I didn’t keep clipping along.  Annette says I looked quite graceful when I went airborne (sans bike) and as I was landing in the bush.  It was a pretty soft landing and, luckily, there was no cactus in that particular spot.  THAT would have been painful and dangerous.  I got to my feet with a couple minor scratches and we kept going.  All-in-all, it was a great day of exploration and exercise as we  Ride-and-Seek.

BY Annette:  OK, I have to admit, it was scary seeing him fly up in the air off the bike, but when I saw that he was not hurt, I started laughing and I haven’t stopped!  Crazy old man!

Just a soft landing in the sand and mesquite bush.

2 thoughts on “BY: Terry”

  1. Poor poor mesquite bush, just minding his own business as shade for snakes and scorpions and a flying man comes a crashin in! LOL Should have on on the gocam. I’m grateful there were no rattles in it, or scorpions or bears! Also that no one got hurt.
    We’re back from Mexico and I really want to study my Spanish and explore a lot more of that amazing country. Met Canadians RV ing it and one said that road down the Baja is not too good and that most others are. Toll roads but worth it. I want to go far south to Oaxaca.
    Thanks for the report you two! Enjoy the desert!


    1. We were talking about you and Mike yesterday when we were riding. We decided you two are the only friends we have that would have joined us on that epic ride! And by the way; I think you and I should explore Mexico together. I’m enchanted by the culture. Much love💕


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