Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

This post will probably be mostly photos. I am so happy we did not miss this unique, spectacular place here in the desert. It’s definitely off the beaten path.

The weather could not have been more perfect! High 70’s during the day with sunny skies. Nights in the low 60’s. Pinch me, it’s February!

The highlight of this visit was definitely our hike through Estes Canyon and Bull Pasture. Four miles and 1000 foot elevation gain. For me, that equals moving meditation.

The colors of the desert are magical. They change with the sunlight. Organ Pipe and Saguaro cactus provide vertical perspective on this vast, surprisingly green landscape.

The trailhead is 12 miles into the Ajo mountain range. The Toad handles the road pretty well.

We decided to start the hike by taking on the elevation part first.

Away we went, with lots of sunscreen applied and water in the camelback.

Ok, you should see this handsome geezer climb these trails! Heart attack schmart attack! He is a great hiking partner!

I packed us a picnic lunch for the summit.

We are comfortable with silence during these hikes. Sometimes Terry will bust out into song, but usually our walkabouts are intimate and introspective.

We love to talk about our children and grandchildren. They are all together in San Sebastián right now.

That makes us REALLY happy!❤️

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