This was the opportunity to stay in a house. A very nice house . Terry’s uncle Bill and aunt Mary Pederson live in Saddlebrooke, a retirement community in Tucson. The four of us enjoyed breakfasts and dinners together, and we also played Trivial Pursuit at the “club” with other members. Our team had the most correct answers, but we were disqualified because we had 7 players instead of the required 6. Whatever!!!

Terry and I also visited the home of Kimberly and Scott Winchell. Kimberly is the daughter of my friend Wendy. I’ve known Kim since she was a little girl. It was fun spending time with young people. Kim and Scott are newlyweds as well as great hosts.

We said our goodbyes to family and headed for Catalina State Park. The weather continues to be wonderful here in Arizona, so camping is still fun.

Terry and I decided to hike Romero Canyon. Lots of sunscreen and water is required for this hike. Oh, and hiking poles made coming down the mountain so much more manageable.

I sure love a good, ass-kicking hike! 😊

Today we played golf at El Conquistador in Oro Valley. We played with a nice couple from Minnesota. Terry beat me on the front nine and I beat him on the back. Even though it was crazy windy, it was really fun.

Tomorrow we make our way toward Phoenix. We will take our time exploring until February 27, when we will leave PeeWee in Phoenix and fly to Florida to visit friends. What an adventure we are having!

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