Apache Junction Arizona

I wanted to stay in a place with full hookups, laundry, and a pool. I mean, it just can’t be camping and roughing it all the time. Not for me, anyway. I also wanted to be near stores, hiking, and Cubs spring training. So, here we are at Golden Sun RV Park. I may be the youngest person here. 😆

I enjoy seeing the Golden Sun residents enjoy life here in sunny Arizona. There are activities like bingo and dancing. They have a lending library and an art room. There is even a work out room. The laundry room has big tables with large puzzles that anyone can work on. It’s also cool to talk with people here. They are always glad to share a story or two about their families or their travel experiences. ☺️

Yesterday was a good day. The sky was sunny and the temperature was in the high 50’s. Not typical Arizona weather, but it’s great hiking weather. We drove the Toad up to Lost Dutchman State Park to hike Siphon Draw trail. It’s a little over 4 miles out and back with about 1,200 feet of elevation change. Totally worth the effort!

The trail is part of the Superstition Mountains in Tonto National forest. It begins cutting through wide open space with views all around.

The closer you get, the more magnificent the landscape becomes.

We took our time, stopping occasionally to take it all in. We don’t talk a lot when we hike. When we do talk, it’s not about politics or other current events. It’s all about the earth and the energy you receive when you are open to it. For me, nature has healing powers.

We made it to what is called The Basin. From there, it’s another mile with 2,000 feet elevation gain to the Flatiron. Now that’s an entire day hike. Not for us. So, Terry chilled out in The Basin while I explored a little more. The trail disappeared and I had to climb boulders to get here:

There were two other people up there, so I took their photo and they reciprocated. Getting down was tricky. It was really steep with some loose gravel. I was better off crab walking it. I’m sure I looked like a dork. Whatever. I’m alive. Notice that flat rock outcropping on the left in the photo below. That’s where I climbed to. Amazing!

Sure was good to have a snack and a rest. Oranges are plentiful in Arizona, and they travel well in a backpack.

Time to soak our old bones in the hot tub. Next post is by Terry. 👍

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