Lake Havasu AZ

This trip was very spontaneous. Both Terry and I were interested in seeing this area between California and Arizona. Lots of snowbirds with big RV’s and dudes with 4 wheel buggies. Also, this is a boater’s paradise. The Colorado River runs wide here, so you see all sorts of watercraft.

We were not able to camp in one of the state parks, which was unfortunate because they looked really nice. But, we got a space with water and electricity for 24$ per night at LaPaz County campground. Good location; right across the road from a golf course!

Terry quickly made us a tee time. Good thing, because we heard that it was very hard to get one. He was lucky because just as he arrived at the pro shop, someone called to cancel. πŸ€

Golfing was a blast! I whooped Terry’s butt on the front 9. Had my best round ever. We were paired with a wonderful couple from Albuquerque. They were clearly regular golfers, so I stepped up my game. Thanks, Dennis and Judi!

Warning. Snakes are a common sighting. That means no looking for a lost ball in the scrub.

Terry rallied and kicked my butt on the back nine. πŸ˜‰

Our afternoon was spent at a local bar watching Loyola beat Nevada. No one else seemed very interested in the game. Kind of a NASCAR crowd. Beers were cheap, though.πŸ‘ After we left the bar it rained a little, which made for great photos.

The next day was another great Arizona experience! The weather was so perfect for the hike I planned. It’s called Crack in the Mountain. I loved it!

This hike is rated moderate. It’s a 5.5 mile in and back hike with some elevation. The tricky parts are navigating the canyon.

Being deep in the canyon was nice because it gave us some reprieve from the hot sun. People were helping each other to make it through the “crack” safely.

Much of the hike was through a gravel wash that fills with rushing water in a summer rainstorm. We were lucky to see a little wildlife. We saw 3 mountain goats, one Chuckwalla lizard, and a rattlesnake!

Oh yes we did! When we lived in Colorado, Terry had told me that he wanted to get bit by a rattlesnake. Well after seeing this 5 footer, he has changed his mind!

I really love hikes that involve getting to water. Check out the beauty of this destination:

A perfect place for our sandwiches and a cool drink. We both took our shoes off and soaked our feet in the waters of Lake Havasu. Gorgeous!

The return hike was different because the trail took us up high. The views were amazing!

I enjoyed the trail back because of its different perspective.

Springtime in the desert! Such a beautiful sight.☺️

That evening provided us with another gentle sunset.

Terry and I ended up going back to the same place to watch Loyola and Kansas State. A few more people were interested in this game, but not many. How exciting that our team is in the Final Four!!! Go Ramblers!

So here is a map of the Lake Havasu area.

If you like boats, ATV’s , warm weather, and good people, check out Lake Havasu City. Good times!

Now, on our way back to California. See you in El Centro!

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