San Diego again

Finally! The part of the trip that I have been waiting for was even better than I expected! 4 days of celebration for Meredith Kavanagh and Dean Palmer. These two lovely people said their wedding vows at La Jolla Cove in front of close friends and family. I’ve known Meredith her entire life. Her mother Maryl and I are dearest friends. To be a part of this event meant the world to me.

We couldn’t be happier for Meredith. Dean is a wonderful, compassionate, fun loving man who adores his angel girl.

Maryl is like a big sister to me. She always makes herself available when you need her. Being her friend feels so natural; I can feel her love whether I’m near or far. I had the good fortune to meet her when we both were having our first babies. We have been inseparable ever since.

Meredith and Stephanie are just like us (only younger and more dramatic LOL)!

The wedding was so much fun! We ate great food and danced the night away. I hear there is a video with me dancing like it’s 1999. Oh well, I wasn’t the only one!

It was great spending time with Jack and Stephanie. Here we are at my favorite place, Hotel Del Coronado.

Stephanie and I enjoyed a harbor cruise on the Hornblower with Meredith, friends and family.

The oldsters went to Cabrillo National Monument.

I love these two chicas! Always a good time when Chris and Maryl are involved. And now for a group shot:

My face hurts from smiling! šŸ˜†

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